• Devi Herfita Universitas Pancasila
  • Tri Widyastuti
  • Irvandi Gustari
Keywords: Enterprise Architecture, Strategy, Business, Technology, Ea Program Management


The research objective of this thesis is to analyze the business strategy that is being applied to the company, analyzing systems and technology that the company needs and make recommendations on planning and information technology systems to support the company's business strategy in the next 3 years. The research method used is a literature study, data collection methods and methods of analysis and planning. Literature study done by reading and studying books and other resources that support research. Methods of data collection by surveying the spaciousness, the collection of documents related to business processes, interviews and benchmarking. Methods of analysis and planning is to use the Enterprise Architecture approach. The results achieved are Produce strategic planning systems and technologies that are useful to enhance the company's competitive value in the future competition. 


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Herfita, D., Widyastuti, T., & Gustari, I. (2017). ANALISIS STRATEGI BISNIS PADA PT GANCIA CITRA RASA. JURNAL EKSEKUTIF, 14(2), 369-383. Retrieved from

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