• Devina Ismaji STIE IBMT Surabaya
  • Achmad Djoni Sudirman STIE IBMT Surabaya


This comprehensive paper is discussing about The Study of Consumer Loyalty Toward Brand X In Surabaya In this paper the researcher has followed standard structural equation diagram convention. Sample will be taken from the owner as well as those people who have the intentions to buy Brand X, The sample taken will consists of people that is equal or above 17 years old, and those that who have owned, the user or going to purchase Brand X in Surabaya. A sample of 100 respondents will be asked to fill in the closed-response questionnaires to reflect the observed population. The researcher can conclude several observed variables which have relationship and have influence on the customer-based brand equity of Brand X, they are the first Brand Loyalty has made a strong brand equity in the mind of the customers, In this paper, it is found out that a strong brand loyalty with the highest value of 0.922 has the strongest effect to customer-based brand equity, The second, Emotional Evaluations with a value of 0.905 have a great impact that make people bought Brand X, The third Rational Evaluations in this paper made the weakest effect to Customer-based brand equity, it has a value of 0.780.

Keywords : Consumer Loyalty, Customer Based Brand Equity, Brand Loyalty


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